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Life’s a bitch!

The things in my life that I do are things that are suppose to “hurt” me, but don’t.  Ironic right?  The smoking helps me with my stress!  The cutting helps with my anger and depression!  The drugs help me leave this hellhole called life!  They help me so much!  the things that hurt me are the things that others say will make me feel secure and okay!  What a fucked up twisted joke?!  Life is such a fucked up thing!  Like people say other people you know are suppose to be the ones you go to for support and a shoulder to cry on.  That is a lie.  The most supportive people i’ve ever been around and confided in are strangers i’ve never met in real life.  They understand me and make me feel somewhat normal.  The society I live in and the people right around me make me feel like dirt.  Who thought about this?!  My life has been a lie and it’s frustrating.  So, yes, I will continue to talk to my amazing “strangers”!

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